The Author

Brighton Beach @ Brighton | 21 Oct 2018 

Hello there! 🌼
A little snippet of the author behind this digital platform.
You may know me as Victoriayuen.

A passionate writer 🖋️;
A slow as f jogger 👟;
A food craver 🍕(not foodie);
A Cappuccino girl ☕;
A wild child who knows her limits 👧;
A book enthusiast 📚(can't even compare myself to a bookworm);
A dog lover 🐶;
A postcard junkie 💌;
A lights and ceilings photographer 💡;
A Peanutbutter lover 🥜;
A thinker with a universe of thoughts 💭

I hope to inspire as much people as possible through my writings.

Thank you for reading.
I wish you the best and always be loved.


With hopes and loves,

*All content are subjected to copyright of the author unless stated otherwise.


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