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MERDEKA. A word that shines the whole Malaysia =).

Every Malaysia citizens will know what day it is today. And today is the day that WE, Malaysia citizens, must be proud of :).

Happy 54th Independent day to Malaysia!
Satu Malaysia. :D.
I search 'Merdeka' through Wikipedia, and it says,

Independent or freedom
For more
click here.

My bro nudged me at 12 Midnight yesterday, lol -.-
He nudged me just to say

see, how excited is he -.-. LOL. Screaming Merdeka and salam satu Malaysia there xD. haha.

29Aug2011. Monday.
I had lunch with Joey & Michelle at Star Village.

we even try out the cheese escargot which I think It is horrible at first ._. The food there was not bad :).

Okay, thats all for today =).
Thanks for reading, I appreciate it ♥

& you've got that smile that can light up the whole town =)

21Aug2011. Sunday.
Its Sunday, my dad shook us up this very morning to have a visit here :)

I have a fantastic time during visiting the center. I hope all of you can lend a hand to those poor doggies.
Remember that I post a poster about this center? don't remember? well, click here.
To visit their website, click here

22Aug2011. Monday.

& Lastly,

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all :D

Thanks for reading ♥'s :3

Quality time with family :]. ♥

20Aug2011. Saturday.
I spend time with my mom & sis to shop around KLCC,
since we didn't go there long time ago :).

I love this Kampung style house below.

Lets take a look of a Huge Pig & a crowded of small pigs o(^@@^)o

We didn't shop much. Before leaving KLCC, I took some pictures from the outside.

Later dad fetch us for dinner.

hehe, I love Japanese food, yet so expensive :(.
Thanks to my dad, we sat near the air-cond area,
SUUUUUPER FREEZING! I almost turn into snowwoman -.-

& finally, Tha fooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood! Oishi nehhh ♥ :3

After leaving the restaurant...
I took some pictures outside the restaurant

next post,
A trip to PawsMission center =).
woof woof.
Every dog has Its Day.


当当当当! :) 我回来了! 首先~


PAWSMISSION, 举办了一项领养活动, 为流浪狗寻找一个舒适的家园, 也响应公众人士必须珍惜生命以及爱护小动物.
狗狗也像我们一样, 需要爱♥.
贵中心也很欢迎各位去捐赠狗粮, 米, 毛巾, 宠物沐浴露等等.

PAWSMISSION, are having an adopt activity. The reason they organized this activity is because they wanted to search a comfort home for all stray dogs, also to nudge the public to appreciate life and care for animals.
All dogs are just like us, need love♥.
You can also donate dog food, rice, towel, shampoo or more to the center.

欲了解更多详情, 请搜查:
For more information, please visit:

对, 忘了说.
可以捐钱. =)

-------♥------- 掌声鼓励 *自己在拍手* -.-
在此为咱们的 PMR Trial 挂上一个大大的句号
PMR Trial。 =)
这几天都是 很迟睡滴!
我的 黑眼圈 · 青春痘 全部冒出来了 救命!! T.T

这次考试, 全部 paper 都被我毁了 -.-
考得, 不是很理想 jek..

现在的我, 在享受着暂时性的快乐

好戏, 当然在后头.

PMR Trial, just a starting of the game. There will be more "games" behind.... for us to "play". "PLAY" hard.... It won't be easy. 我的 fb status 就这样写着.
游戏才刚刚开始呢! :(
希望这场游戏可以 "玩" 得顺顺利利.

龙哥还在我的 status 写着:
a game wit…

#489 Starbucks ♥

Hello all! Just a short post here to update myself :).

I ♥ Starbucks, but I don't drink often xD.
Latest picture of mine ^^

Will be busy these days :S



Its nothing, we just have to Gambateh! :). JR3C gambateh!
Students who sit on PMR exam gambateh!
Every student gambateh!


Today is the first day of exam.
Bm papers & sej.
all I can say is, 勉强还算可以吧 X(.
both papers 我讨厌, 可是不能逃避. T.T

Studied with Jolyn, Min Er & Hoi Lam.
We planned what are we going to do after all exams xD.

I can't wait to Karaoke with Hoi Lam :P. haha xD.


our society made this. my group mates: Joey, Xin Yi & Sze Jun? (ps, I don't know how to spell your name x()
Is it nice? ^.^
Just want to keep myself update! x)
 For these fifteen years, I never like P.E before xD.  Until today, when I met him.  -  Lol, sounds kinda like a love story.  No lah.  Actually is this teacher we met :).  While P.E, our P.E teacher went for a meeting.  so, this teacher came for substitute class. he taught us how to play basketball and stuff. I love it ! :D. I hope he is my P.E teacher :(. He is way more better than our P.E teacher. eeks!
Chemistry period, Jo & I copied both our bio papers. got caught by teacher & fish. :'(
Thats all for today xD. I know It's not interesting.
Thanks for reading, loves ♥

He is not an ordinary bro, :)

Yesterday was our school's Open Day.
I waited infront of the school for a long time for Jolyn's appearance. Missed calls, Message. No one there :(.
But lastly, someone tapped my shoulder. I turned over and shocked.
(I wonder how she get in the gate without me looking)

Then we started walking around the school.
When we're walking down the stairs, guess who we met?
My bro, Stephen.

I was like:" ahh, Stephen!"
Then Stephen running back :P.
Man, I miss him this much.

Well, the size of the burger is not important, but the misses for my bro is! :)

later on, we hang around with Step and Zhi Wen.
Stephen is such a dork :P.
Because he visited every floor in our school. :(.
I feel like kicking his ass off -.-.

Stephen, spending his time giving gifts to his friends.
So called, children.
Stephen is such a Santa Claus -.-.
Imagine him with a beard and a fat tummy with a red outfit on him.
*big laughs*

Then, he gave me this.

Without doubt, I gave him a…