#489 Starbucks ♥

Hello all!
Just a short post here to update myself :).



I Starbucks, but I don't drink often xD.

Latest picture of mine ^^

pimples popped out from my face x_x
Will be busy these days :S



Its nothing, we just have to Gambateh! :).
JR3C gambateh!
Students who sit on PMR exam gambateh!
Every student gambateh!


Today is the first day of exam.
Bm papers & sej.

all I can say is, 勉强还算可以吧 X(.
both papers 我讨厌, 可是不能逃避. T.T

Studied with Jolyn, Min Er & Hoi Lam.
We planned what are we going to do after all exams xD.

I can't wait to Karaoke with Hoi Lam :P.
haha xD.


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