He is not an ordinary bro, :)

Yesterday was our school's Open Day.

I waited infront of the school for a long time for Jolyn's appearance.
Missed calls, Message.
No one there :(.

But lastly, someone tapped my shoulder.
I turned over and shocked.
Its Jolyn.
(I wonder how she get in the gate without me looking)

Then we started walking around the school.
When we're walking down the stairs, guess who we met?
My bro, Stephen.

I was like:" ahh, Stephen!"
Then Stephen running back :P.
Man, I miss him this much.

world's largest burger :)
Well, the size of the burger is not important, but the misses for my bro is! :)

later on, we hang around with Step and Zhi Wen.
Stephen is such a dork :P.
Because he visited every floor in our school. :(.
I feel like kicking his ass off -.-.

Stephen, spending his time giving gifts to his friends.
So called, children.
Stephen is such a Santa Claus -.-.
Imagine him with a beard and a fat tummy with a red outfit on him.
*big laughs*

Then, he gave me this.

Without doubt, I gave him a big big hug for exchange :D.
Haha, I know what are you thinking.
This is sistar and brothar love
Screw those who think dirty :P.

another bro of mine, Shu Thai & leng zai Stephen behind :3

Ankle socks is loved. (long time didn't wear :P)

Jolyn, this is our love :D.

Later, we separated with Stephen, Zhi Wen & Shu Thai -.-
So, Jolyn & I walked around school for some entertainment :).

We went to the basketball court for some fun.
Saw Atomic Bomb.
EEEE, he thought we went there for him, sorry, Its a no :X.

After that, Jo & I went for an Adventurous!
Yesterday, Mom shoot me, taxi uncle shoot me, some weird indian guys watching us, a cute old lady being friendly and scold the bus drivers 坏蛋 =P
Adventurous horh Jolyn Toh?

From my facebook.
Lol, that explains our journey :P.

Later on, when we went back to school,
Stephen was gone.

Just wanna shout, Stephen, your an ass, but a good bro =).

I told Jo sorry for my mistakes.
She just smile and said:
Its FUN! :D.

Jolyn, I 服le you -.-

Jo & I sweat ALOT. So we decided to buy drink.
Well, I bought the wrong one.

I hate :'(.

Next stop,

We just went there to waste our coupons.

Next stop,
Japanese Culture :3.

The top, nice, please analyze below. wtf :X

This is fake by the way ^^

Yes, your right. This is also fake ^.^

Hello there ;)

am I ugly? :)

I like this oneeeeeeee!

Jo, with view.

Credits to Jo ♥♥. this picca.

Thanks for reading
I appreciate it


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