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Halloween blur blur :X

My baobao is right, I am a blur queen xD.
Hey guys! :) I think I am the most blur person in the world x).
I don't know when Halloween starts ><. Until my brother told me =3=. How blur is that?! =P

Time past so fast when you didn't appreciate it :/.
Today is the last day of October 2011. But it is also the starting of our inter-class competition :).
JR3C! Gambateh! ^^

-byebye October :(-

All about me

Its been a long time since I blog about my own feelings. Everything.. Well, just something, come and gone. It really hurts me.
I remember I am still a naive girl last year,
I was stupid, really stupid. Trust the wrong person and so so :).
After JUEC,
I don't feel happy, at all.
I just felt nothing...
I don't know why.... :(

Next Monday is the starting of class competition.

 JR3C, gambateh desu! ♥ 

Allthebest. <3

Cousin Brother wedding :3

Sorry that I delayed this post :(. But here it is now :).

the day before the wedding, we slept at 3 or 4 a.m. But woke up at 7a.m. without feeling tired at all =3=. We're crazy much ._.
Relatives hogging the living room and so so -.-.
Part 1.

The bride came :)).

~Part 1 End~

Before the bride comes :).

Part 2.

There is no picture about me and my close relatives,
it is because some ass didn't help me take.
I asked him to take it for me and he said yeah,
but later I realize that he didn't.
What an ass :).

~Part 2 End~
Part 3.

终于都完成 2011 的使命.

终于完成了咱们2011年初三的使命. 这年, 12个月. 10个月用来考试, 是否疯了?
第一次统一考试第二次统一考试PMR 预试JUEC 预试PMRJUEC
终于.... 一切都彻底的结束了...
6次考试! 臭变态! =(
我和若宁都同意, 今年是最勤劳的一年 xD.
大佬,  10个月都必定拿着书在学校走来走去 =3=
哭过, 痛过, 辛苦过, 勤劳过, 埋怨过, 想放弃
你是否是想过放弃? 但我们却不是... 就算是最后一刻, 我们仍然支撑了下去.


初三, 今年幸苦了 :)

☺v yeah! 准备毕业吧~ ^^

-Thank you for reading, I appreciate it ☺-

Happy Deepavali

First of all,

Happy Deepavali to everyone! :)
Next, There will be 2 posts that I wanna post right in my blog. The first post is this one, specially for all my Indian friends =). The second post is about my feelings for the end of the day of JUEC. Which is TODAY!

-Thank you for reading, I appreciate it ♥-

My Japanese clay creation

Hi there :). Hehe, I made these before PMR. It is nice? Leave some comment ^^

Thanks for viewing :3.

PMR 2011

Hello Mellow ~ :) Sorry I delayed a post again :/ PMR exam crashing through my veins :(
This post is for the day before PMR starts. Oct 4, I will remember and waiting this day to come x(
First Day, BM Second Day, English and Geography Third Day, Science and Sejarah Fourth Day, Maths and Kemahiran Hidup Fifth Day, Chinese.

Its FIRETRUCK Screw those who think dirty :P. hehe
Curi-curi online the other day xD. Found this song :).

孫耀威-You and I
Romantic :3.
罗曼蒂克~ ♥

Thats for it today, Bless I get 7A'S! :)

100 ¥en :3

首次到我家附近的 100 ¥ 品尝他们的雪花~ 看见他们 counter 摆出那些可爱的小动物, 忍不住拍了几张照片 xD
点了一碗草莓的口味, 很棒喔!! :))). ♥
PMR 快来临了... 心情交错... =(.
Sejarah 都不知道有 A 么 =(.

总而言之, 加油呗! 统考我要求不多, 2A 全B 就好了 :).
PMR 7A! 哦弥陀佛 ><