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You never know me, like I know you.

I don't know what to post -.-.
Ah, YES! :D.
Me being a candy santa again :). I gave candy to those who didn't receive while Valentines Day. Some had received, but they still want candy xD, so yep, gave them ^^.
Embarrassing day T.T. Once again, AIYOOOOOOOO! -.-
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Lynas. Every Malaysian knew that right? I totally support... The Perhimpunan Hijau!

As a Malaysian, I hope that the Government can use his brain to think of us, rakyat. I am not scolding you, I'm just speaking loud like other Malaysians as well. Do you know when you build those Kilang Lynas, It will damage our lives. Everything will get unstable and will be devastate.

Why us, rakyat mesti menentang Lynas ini?
Just a drop of liquid, everything will be cacat, humans, animals, plants. The land will also not be used.


Here's a video to laugh after this serious matter.

By JustKiddin…

Photography Loved. ;)

Camera effect.
Cupcakes @ Cousin's.

New facebook picture.

.__. This post only have pictures. Nothing special -.-.
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" Not everything you wanted, can be satisfied. "

Accidental Love (゜∀゜)

Not obsess on K-pop. But man I really like this song. Rating: ★★★★★
:3. ♥
Maths 40 cent -.-. No matter. I will do my best for you my lovely Maths teacher. I love you :).
English Essay Exam, 830~930a.m. ~My Best Friend. Not other than  TohJolyn

I'm In Love. If I say this picture i took at mid night, do you believe it? :).
Goodnight <3 :).

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Brave, step ahead.

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English Presentation was a success! (Y) ^^.
Thanks to all the group members: Eng Xien Eing,Hoo Yi Mein, Low Sook San :).
Love you guys! :3. Bm Lisan don't know how -.-.

My maths teacher shouted my name in class today, I got shivers, because she is very scary T3T.
Then later on she said:" 她做得好, 用 highlighter, 整整齐齐, 干净利落 "
It creeps me out, also glad that she didn't scold me for using highlighter -3-.

Tillthen, cya :).

Umm, yes? :)

I don't wanna say this, but sigh.. What happened this year? I thought is our honeymoon year? .__. How come teachers keep shovel homework, projects, quizzes to us? Then later on nag us for not doing it -.-. Okay, I'm running away from home this Saturday :X.

Presentation tomorrow, ALLTHEBEST♥.
I don't know what to post -.-. Just come here and release my stress. Okay, I know no one will read this kind of crap right here right?

Jolyn finally update! :/ And changed her blogskin too :D.
Click here to view.

Best Friends,
Doesn't matter how you look, act.
Be crazy with you.
Give you confidence and hope.
Listen to you.
Tell you every secrets.
Never spread your secrets.
Enjoy and appreciate the times when with you.
Cheer you up when your sad.
Create weird languages and words.
Law of attraction xD.
Have at least one best friend chain, bracelet, ring etc.

Who want go out with me, come come book time ! :D. I'm serious :).

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Stupid person ! :(

These days, weeks, damn shyt busy and tired SIA.
How come not enough time to let me rest, just rest and relax awhile? This year is so not Honeymoon year. Okay? I can cleary state that this year is Hellyear. Every single day teachers will shovel homework to us. Then we still have Lisan... Gawd :/.

I still have something undone.

Young Love ✿

Its always sweet and memorable.

Je T'aime ♡

Je T'aimeSunshines!
A fresh post coming out soon ;).
Guess what day is today?

Everyone knows it. Its...

Single&Proud. Muack xD! ♥
To be honest, this year's Valentines Day is a very happy day!
Today isA-W-E-S-O-M-EPEOPLE! :D. *BounceandjumplikeaSeamonster :).
Went to Jolyn's class after I settle down my bags and books. Brought my pack of candy along with me too ^^.

-历史记载, 杜若宁于 2012 年 2 月 14 日 (情人节) 第一位接受我糖果的人-

xD. 4th floor no electric. Kc no pay electric bill :X. LOL :P.
I gave lollipop to many people, like Santa Claus, but mine is Victoria Claus :D. He HOHOHO I HAHAHA -.-.  20++ lollipop in a bag, after going to Science class, went back to my class, left 6++ lollipop -.-.

I also received some candy from friend.
Thanks to these lovely babes:Chow Jiayin, Nini Xin Yi, Min Er, Chin Yen, Sook San, Michelle Wai.

Also thanks for Kimberly's raisin chocolates & Wan Lih's pineapple biscuit :3.
And thanks to teacher's or 董总 for giving me 3 FREE b…

Easy in love, hard to forget.

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School has been busy, quizzes, projects, homeworks :(.
I cry for my Pm teacher, she has to mark like about 500++ project papers :/.
SR1A, I starting to like and get used in this class ^^. Especially History, Oscar -.-lll.

Anyway, quite free now~
Here's a song from my "sister", Victoria Justice :P.
Same name with her, but she is prettier, slimmer, perfect than me T.T.

Victoria Justice- Begging on your knees
One symbol for this song, (Y)! ;).
Today drawing with Yi Mein. She drew carrot, cute carrot xD. I drew a MONSTER -.-.
I ♥ our Maths teacher!

Lalala, I saw you today! Aww... your so cute ><. But she said that your a naughty and bad person :/. Naughty is cute xD. I think your a very talented and nice person ♥, even though I don't really know you in real life.

:). Smile~

Liar's Surprise. ❤

Hello dears.
Someone birthday today :3.

TohJolyn, Happy 16th Birthday!
Celebrated with her @ school.
First recess.
I went to Rach's class with matches. We took the cake out from the box and put candle on it. Then I asked many friends of mine to help me take a look whether Jolyn is back from changing :).

So she's back, we all lighted up the candle and carry the cake from Rach's class to Jolyn's :). Scared those prefects, dog lai de :/. Went to the back door holding the cake, "Happy Birthday... " I started singing. Behind no one follow me -.-. Then plan 1 fail:" Eh, My gang where?" LOL -.-. 1st time sing Birthday song fail.

Finally they came, and we sang together. English, Chinese, Cantonese version also got :D. Jolyn make wish, and cut cake then blew candle, woooo! HappySweet16 Dear ! :3

The day before I lied to her I have quiz and could not come ^^. Actually I wanted to give you surprise lah~
Also very thanks to Rachel Si Jing, Pei Geng for buying th…

Beautiful Violet.

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She was just a beautiful young woman, name Violet. With pure white skin and hair that is as dark as the night sky. Big and sympathy eyes that any other man would fall for. Beautiful Violet was attracted by him. A man with quiet eyes and dangerous, sexy smile. They fell for each other and decided to get married one day. A gloomy, dark night, not even a single sound but sob and tearing voice from a young woman. That was Violet who had been left alone to suffer the sorrow and sadness, by him.

Hey guys, do you enjoy the story that I wrote? :D.
I know something is titchy lah :/. Sorry! My English not so good.
Its a sad story for those who are suffering by a broken heart which is hard to fix in a short period of time.

Single doesn't mean your alone, It only mean that you are strong enough to survive without relying on someone. :D”

That is a V quote.
And If you have no idea what a "V quote" means. It means that quotes created by yours trul…

Lets scream.

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Hello Sunshines ! ♥

Hangout with my babe Jolyn @ Midvalley yesterday.
We met @ GSC (Golden Screen Cinema). We bought the tickets for Journey 2. Very front sit! #NOMORENEXTTIME :(.

We walked around and search for accessories shop. My legs almost break into half while searching Diva -.-. Eventually we found It of course =3. First time, we found a rubberband that has "BESTIES". We were very excited xD and kept point on the band saying:" THIS THIS! " :X.

After we saw a more nice + cute bracelet hanging there. I was like, "nah, we should buy the bracelet -.-. " HAHA! Then we bought the bracelets for RM36. WTF, expensive :(. First time bought an expensive bracelet SIA :/.

Our bracelet. ♥

Its worth, as long as we're best friends <3.

1:15p.m. , our ticket

We watched Journey 2.

The Trailer.
The movie was very funny :X. First time a movie that made me laugh.
Ways to get a girl: Move your abs xD.
That part was the most memora…

I secretly wish that we never go apart.

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Saturday, 新春庙会.
Whole day with Jolyn and Jiayin :).
We lazy to walk around eventhough Its an opportunity to. We found a corner and sat there, doing nothing, chit-chat. Then Yi Chuan came and girly chat with us also xD.

 Mr. Yi Chuan, thanks for your 麦芽糖, Lychee flavor (Y) !

The stupid candy keep stick to my upper teeth, they are in love!! -.-. The only funny thing was only Shi Min & my candy sticking on our teeth, jia yin & jolyn ate like normal people :X. We ate like SEAMONSTERS .___.
Seamonster doesn't matter =3=.
Later on Yew Keat, Shu Thai joined us.
Basically, our condition were like this that day.
Shu Thai sleeping, Yi Chuan eating candy, Jia Yin bored-ing and try to sleep with my jacket, Jolyn still eating candy :X, Me trying to find topic and Yew Keat decorate the dashboard of school -.-.

Jolyn, Jiayin and myself waited for very long to get back to class -.-.
Then finally lah ! :D.
I am always @ Science class having fun. Jolyn, Jiayin, Gay gra…

Everybody Birthday

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人日 (If I not wrong -.-)
Everybody birthday! =D.
Happy birthday to us <3 ^^.

Celebrate our birthday with relatives :).
Sorry lack of picture :X.

Lou Sang Lou Sang! ♥
So late only lou -.-.

Put my picture here to end this post :D. Happy Birthday to you also <3.

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In a relationship

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Please be a good month for me..

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In a relationship with Jolyn :).
Gogo visit her blog and also click her nuffnang ad. Thank you very much guys :D.

Heard this song from random channel on Tv :D.

Short update for this post.
Ciao <3.

Lesson learned. I can live, without you

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NUFFNANG AD!! Thank kew :) 28Jan2012.

Yo! :)
Finally found something new to update ♥ !

ChineseNewYear partay @ my cousin's house.
She moved away from her family and live with her husbanddd, start their new life ♥ . Good luck to you too ^^.

Her doggieee! (Y) :').

The living room with big big tv -.-.

Living room deco :3.

Later then, the grown ups play firework -.-. My cousin also join them. Apa lah orang ini -.-.
Like the house exploded. BOOM BOOM BOOM. People car alarm also BIU BIU BIU LOL xD.

The fireworks! (Y)
It was nice, yet blurrr! OMG sorry. Camera quality bad.

Aunties Uncles starting to ask me the PMR results again. Sien -.-.
Saw children there and wanted to take picture with them, but they run away from me while I activated my camera. They were like :" EEEE! JIEJIE BULLY ! " then hide in the house and locked the door. #LikeALouSai -.-

My cousin menghias her house with decorations. From in to out -.-.
Once again, outer deco :).

I'm good girl.
I don't drink…