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Blown away.

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25 & 26th, both days went to 八独中运动会 for 千人操
March march march, do the moves like zombie.
Today was the last day.
Got fried in the sun for almost 1 hour.
Some students almost faint.
Blame on those VIP. Gosh.

“ 让火燃烧, 燃烧吧! ”

I'm fcking roasted. LOOOOL.


I wanted to go to the beach. But my mom:" NNNNNN O " lol.

Our man.

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Helloooo ;).
Somebodayy birthday yesterday :P.
May 21.
Lucky guy.
He received many gifts from his SRSC1A girlfriends and also from us :B.
27 people in our class gave him a special gift 8D.
Also a round cake.

Happy Sweet 16th
Andrew Ooi Cheah Qi.

Macam yes worh xD.
My leng zai monitor this year :).

--- SKIP ---
English Essay.
Shit. I worte 786 words for the title Music ♪.
Too overboard -.-.

Keep up the good work there, we're almost there :).

I shouldn't expect.

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Finally Saturday!
I can rest, abit.
I'm so tired for the whole day.

We had double period recess today.
The canteen was, full.

Talked to Jolyn, YJ Lee.
I don't know how to express my feelings, inside me, I just can't.
I am okay, I am alright.

Sorry, don't be so close to me, don't treat me nice, don't act like you fall for me when you never did.
I will believe it.
I am happy, I am fine, I am not sad at all :).

The ones who sacrifice the most did not get any love in the end.

Love is empty, a feeling.
Which I will ignore, for quite a long while.
I am an ice berg, note that down.
I am cold, I am mean. No one is meaner than me :). I didn't doubt that at all.
Only Jolyn would sacrifice herself for a beast like me.

Everything happened in just a minute.
A minute that its to short for me to realize.
Now I realized, make sure nice, really means nice.
Take that as an advice.
Well, thanks to you.

I didn't write about my feelings in here, much…

Who are WE? SR1A.

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Jolyn brought me up here with her 101 doggy post xD. ♥ You should read her blog too.Click here.
Yesterday was the-most-crazy-teacher's day among this 4 years.
We did this. -Photo below.
Credits to Pui San.

We rocked the whole school :).
From 2~4th floor.

Who are WE?
WE ARE SR1A. A team, A family.

Next surprise, cake.
Ohm nom nom 8D.
Thats us, whole family :3.

I was eating cake that time -.-.
Later that, hangout with Amelia, Hui En & Constance @ Midvalley.
Jolyn should be there with us actually, her mom -.-
Her mom is afraid that the bus driver would stuck her into the coinbox, so yeah. :/

Well, Constance & I went to watch Avengers, while Amelia & Hui En, battleship.
I wanted to watch Avengers actually :3. Now My wish had came true! :D.

I really like Avengers, Highly recommended! (Y)
When I saw Iron man, fuck I'm in love -.-.

Steve Rogers: “ Big man in a suit of armour. Take that off, what are you? ”
Tony Stark: “Genius, billionaire, playboy, phila…

❥ MOMMA day.

Nuffnang please <3 :)
Firstly, I have to wish a very good friend Happy Birthday.

Joey Wai.

We knew each other for like 4 years, 5 months :). ♥
She is a really great friend to me.
Whenever I am down, she will be there for me :D.
We do mostly everything together. Lunch, tuition etc ;).
Happy Sweet 16th!

Next topic is my MOMMA.

Firstly, I wanted to apologize to my mummy and all friends who are reading my blog.
I have no new pictures from now, cause my camera suddenly spoilt.
Okay, actually I dropped to the floor. But I just dropped ONCE! :(.
How fragile :'(.
The camera work pretty fine, able to review pictures and stuff. Just that It can't take pictures! URGGGGGHHH T.T.
So sorry guys! :(.
I have a new bag I really wanted to share with you guys, but the camera broke :'( aww......

Did you see there is a woman in the picture above.
In January 03 1996, This woman give birth to a baby girl, a female#YOUDON'TSAYxD.
I am a fat ass when I was born. 3.3 kg. Fat ass.
She wasted her…

Make differences

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Boomshakalaka :D ♥
I'm back ! :).

Went to mom side cousin party last Saturday.
Wait! I forgot something. Its may already! Time pass, damn.
May, please be a freaking good month ;).

May, ahhhh, a special month contains special days.
Mother's Day. Teacher's Day.
Valentine's Day of course ;).
Also, my dear friend's and of course my PAPI's BIRTHDAY. SAME DAY AS MOTHER'S DAY :D.

Our school have a lot of activities fall on May, like usual :). Reaaaalllyyyyy can't wait lah! :D.

Okay okay! We're too far from the topic for today.
Mom side cousin party.

I have serious stomachache that woke me up that mornin'
But.. I still had cupcakes, without cream :P.
FYI: I don't like cream -.-.

Anyway, Costance's full moon party at outdoor of a condo.
When you step in the housing area. Its like a small town. Plus, there are white people. Its like London.…


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He is 草帽哥.
Also my ex-Chem teacher.

He left our school.
His braveness effected not just me, but the public.
Press took this picture (leftside).
He is also written in Newspaper.

Every Malaysian salute you 阿卓 (Y).

My Twitter: 卓老师 = 草帽哥 你的坚持让我敬佩! <3

His spirit still lingers.
He is brave enough to fight dirty politics.