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The Japanese ! :D

click Nuffnang before read, thank you :).
25~27/07 The Japanese girls in Kuen Cheng block yo! :D.

Our class hosted both girls, Seika & Chikaro.

*Pictures above from Kuen Cheng Albums.*
Thanks Chikaro-chan for the Hello Kittysticker. Girls got Hello Kitty sticker while guys get candy. Actually I prefer getting a candy .__.
She said that this sticker she gave is base on your personality, So, you wanted me to be SHINY :P.

Our class made both notebooks for Seika & Chikaro.
Hope they like my drawing ><.

Here's a picture of my dog sniffing my camera lens :3.
Aww~ ♥

Old Photos. ♡

Sorry I let my blog go desert for a few days.
Here goes the old photos again :).

These photos are my graduation trip in Cameron Highland when I was 12 #2008 

My class photo, 2008.

And on the other hand,14 year old me :3.

Hey sexies, 16 year old me

I think I look young :P.
Now don't know what face xD.

Interesting Stuff #3

Been confusing for a few days whether to choose Blogger or Wordpress. I registered a wordpress account, but man their image uploader is very very freaking slow.
I do miss Blogger, so I am back! :D Until the day that Blogger go WHOOPS! YOUR STORAGE IS FULL, then I will move to Wordpress.
Okay, chit-chats over. I found very old pictures from my Picasa Album. I look fugly in mostly camwhore that time when I was 13, 14. I don't wanna post it up here :P. So yep, here you go, old pictures. Ahh. I miss myself.
le me acting to be pro.

Dear Celestine playing piano like a boss. I still have her piano record. :P

Happy Birthday, Su Han.
Yep, so friends forever ! :D 
Me & Su Han, we were young that time ! (: 
Bio bio bio that time when I was 13~ 
Blur right? Apparently, I have no potential in taking photos when I was young :3.
And next, my banner design for my previous blog.

Interesting huh? :).
Pretty creative :).
More old pictures coming soon!
New update for my Me&You label ! :3.

Treasure. ☺

Today was busy If you ask me.
Lisan. Homework. Not enough sleep.
Yes, tiring.
I took some photos as I was cleaning my very dirty cabinet.
Damn filthy.
I foundtreasures beyond my filthy cabinet :).

A special gift from a person who left :).

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Interesting stuff #2

This is the second post of interesting stuff.
See the first one here.
Just here to heat up my blog :).

I was sketching my art homework that day.

The result:

Random photos below~

Hope you enjoy my post :)
Ciaoooo <3


AWESOME Science Fair @ UTAR.

You know the title :).
Went to Science Fair @ UTAR.
Traveled with SR1B. OMGEEEE! :3.
Saw Amelia & Dana.
They let me sit in the middle, my ass is thaaaa fat shit :(.
Overall it was AWESOME. Except the lecture :). It was really bored. The last video of the lecture was really amazinggg. I like that.

Me with a bright smile & happy jolly mood today! :D

Bag with free stuff inside! FREE!
Lets open it ! (:
Ding Dong! Schedule for the activities @ UTAR.
I also found notebook & a pen. I never told you guys how I ♥ New Notebooks! :3.
Inside the notebook was both game that I played with Leo Kingdom, Wen Hao & Jolyn during the lecture. Yihong acted serious.
Look at the bra thingy that I drew. Its actually rock, paper & scissors. I played with 3 of them AGAIN during the lecture, and got VICTORY! :P. We're bored whatttt! :/. Don't blame us for being bored.
Jolyn said something epic:" EH, all of us wear glasses in this row leh! " Then I drew this! :P.
I done…