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Merry Xmas 2013 ☃.

Dec 25TH. Merry belated Christmas friends! :-)
Get to hang out with Joey & Qian Yue on this very special day.
Went out 2 days straight, crazy. I know right. But still enjoyed it :3.

Didn't take many photos though, mostly food.
No movies, just random shopping. While myself, window shopping XD. haha.

Breakfast @ Pancake House.
My all time favourite place to eat :B.

Walked around almost a day. My legs...... lol. *moaning*
Settle down for lunch at...

Sushi Zanmai.
I heard people said that the food there are expensive..
Quite expensive actually lol.... No Sushi Zanmai again.. haha, kay.

This is really good :-D.
Joey said:"Form 1 until now also like that!" True story.
Asian pose and still going on... lol.

A friend I can't describe. haha. We love each other in many ways. (not lesbian) lol.
Didn't take photo with Qian Yue =.=lllll. Gawd...

MINE! (♥.♥)
Qian Yue's
Till then,

Merry Xmas Eve | She's BACK! ❅

Dec 24TH. Hello :b. I didn't expect anything to happen on Xmas this year. I was expecting myself staying at home like usual. BUT!!! Thanks to these amazing people who made it happen :). My Christmas Eve & Christmas day turns out great than what I had expected.
Arigato my loves❤ :').
Guess who's back? You'll find out later, let the photos do the talking!
Christmas decoration.

desserts in the morning.. -.- speaking about women haha.

Doing what girls should do ;).

From the left: Me -.-, Jia Le, Li Sha, Hui En.

The beautiful girls. From the left: Jia Le, Zi San, Li Sha, Hui En.

All of us ❤ #1
Body shop's Xmas deco. Love the Gingerbread man :).
Thanks Hui En. I have no fashion sense lololol.
Lunch :3.
We bought this from S&J :P. haha.
Jia Le 的爱.
Last but not least,
© Jia Le
To my dearest Jia Le, Forever friends.
Appreciate everything you have, be grateful.
Check out for Xmas post! :D.

Winter Solstice.

For dear Dec Twenty Two.
Yoyoyo, whats up peeps ;). Happy Winter Solstice. Its the perfect time to munch up some chewy tang yuan :D.

Thanks to my grandma, she's the best person :B.
I love you and I'll see you all next time ;).
Be patient on me, I will publish :). Check out the new box I created
It will show you the next post I will publish :3.

Christmas songs sharing.

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Music brings everyone together :). I love listening to music, and I know you do too! Here are some Christmas music that I like myself, hope you guys enjoy them as well ;).
I think all of them are wonderful :3.

My favourite playlist for Christmas this year :).
Artist: Daniela Andrade

My favourite Christmas song this year ;).
There are many versions of Last Christmas. Too many to choose. I personally love Hilary Duff's. And here's Ariana Grande version. I am secretly a Arinator xD.

Mariah Carey, listen to this every year, never gets bored :P.
I love you,
Have a great Christmas everybody :3.

Cage broke.

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NEVER FELT SO ALIVE BEFORE! The struggle, the stress, the sleepless nights, it's finally over, for now, haha. Lets wait next year's major SUEC.
I'm not afraid to running around and shout: Goodbye SPM! We're not in a relationship anymore! Don't cry... lol. Do I sound sarcastic or irony or dramatic? whateves haha.

Well, here am I, enjoying the first day of my year end holiday. Sorry for being a jerk but.... I'm not excited for Christmas for this year, but I still like photos and Christmas decoration in the malls. Maybe I feel tired for so long, don't have the mood for any events already haha. Yeap. So, I'm just gonna sleep hard and read some good books or watch movies and dramas for my boring-o-holiday.

Oh ya, I almost forget. Happy December everyone :).

Tell me anything you like, you don't like, or just for chat :).
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I'll see y…

The examination days...

I hate myself for making drafts, and erasing everything over and over again just to write something perfect and readable. This is because I love my blog and appreciate my readers :).
I have been in a race with time, and you know its tiring, exhausting. Sometimes I just wanna lay on my bed, sleep and forget everything that would happen in this world. the bad thing is, time never gets tired, well myself, is torn by time.
Its a productive year though, keep studying.... and studying... well.. studying. Haha.

I took a few photos while I'm free, awhile. Yeap, lol.

September, October, November.
These three months are the busiest month of the year :(.

Back of the bookmarks.
Cut out bookmarks from last year's calender :). Nice eh?

I personally like this one, its a weird shape. I know.
Sejarah (History)
Bye bye Sejarah, you have been a great friend to me :3.

Its not a good timing to pick up a hobby.
Starting to read books before the trials. I love books for now haha :B.


One Hundred & Six 106 ♥

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A nice outfit, a beautiful night, a simple wedding, a gorgeous bride and a handsome bridegroom and we are here.

6th of October '13.

We must need selfie in such occasion :P
The most important thing.......


Thank You. To all of my readers, followers (although there is a small amount of you). Thank you for showing your love and support :). Thank you for those who read word by word that I wrote on every post. My blog finally hit 35,000 viewers! :). To others, its just a small number, but to me, its a big thing you guys! :D.
Blogging is my passion. I will never give up till the day I die LOL. choyyyyy! xD *touchwood* Maybe I should name you guys.... passionates? lol... just saying. Aww.. I love you guys soo much ^.^. Here's a Vicquote.
Live beyond your beliefs.
Victoriasign off. With lots of hugs and love ❤;

Autumn October ✿

picture from
Hello mellow my dear readers :).
To be frank, Autumn is always my kind of season, although I'm not an autumn girl :X. The intensity of sunlight just got into the right position naturally haha. I just don't know why.
Well, October, surprise momma ;).

The good thing of October is there are quite a number of holidays to spend, such as now haha. I can get some time to type things, do whatever I want to... well mostly haha.

One of my good friend's birthday falls on October. Which is on yesterday :). I will always, forever remember her birthday :3. She is Jia Le.
Sorry babe, I don't have much selfie with you :(.
She is one of my precious friend that I can't afford to lose, even though we only know each other for 3 months. 3 months is such a long period of time. It either break or bond your friendship.

Happy 17th Birthday.

I don't show much, but that doesn't mean I don't remember.

Mid-Autumn Festival.

Happy September? haha. I shall call it stresstember.
Hello people out there! I am back! :). Like finally right? I miss you guys! & I also hope you guys did miss me too!
Why stresstember? Cause I'm having my SPM trials for almost two weeks, and burning midnight oil for two weeks, gaaaah tired but I'm happy to say today is the final day ^__^.

I stress a lot for both weeks. Even weekends, I force myself to study. I mean, who wouldn't want their results to be flying colours? But lastly slacking > studying hahahha. I'm such a nerd :X.

Anyway, SPM is really important to us Malaysians, but what is important as our family? I threw BM away that day for Mid-Autumn Festival haha. Call me a lazy person :B.

A little piece of me here :B.

I can be a kid sometimes.
& a serious young lady hehehehe :3.
Till then,

Victoria Yuen xoxo. ♥