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Lunch Alone.

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Sad title I've got right there. Half of my June was spent dealing with exams. Sleepless nights, countless headaches. Exhausted month. First meeting for us, the Photography Club members went pretty well. I wasn't able to attend the filming season. Spent my Saturday with Wen Hao, Weigin & Sim for movie, Epic. Out again on Monday. Schools out due to the terrible haze. Movie with YJ Lee & his sister, Now You See Me. Watch the trailer here. I'm alone after the movie.

A little private space for myself.

I love this somehow.

Vegetable lasagna. I'm having it for the first time ♥
Dream on.
Till then, xoxo :).

Gown in Church.

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Hi sweets ;). Its June and this is my first post for June. Attended my cousin sister's wedding (dad's side) which falls on June 1. First of June, congratulations to the lovely couple. ♥

First of June.
Have you ever dream to become a bride, and then walk in the middle of the church, with a red carpet under your feet, your family, relatives, friends looking at you as if your the center of attention.
This is my first time attending to church weddings, I felt special and brand new.

Bridesmaids and best mans.

And there our happy bride haha.
She's happy alright :P.

Don't cry grandma :').
Music time o.o?

Reverend speaks.


exchange ring moments, like we watch on tv! LOL.
You may kiss the bride!!! ♥
I got forever alone feel here haha.

I just can't get enough of these >.<