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Senior 3 Fair. ❤

Hello muffins and jellybeans! ╍●▽●╍ #thatdoesn'tmakeanysense.
Finally the post you've been waiting for.... or maybe not ;-(.

Feburary 14th ; Friday. Love is in the air, but for a Kuen Cheng-ian, busy busy busy and.... exhaust! wooop *wipessweat*
Did a lot of fun things and spent whole day selling and also took photos with my buddies! ;-).

First of all, Calligraphy. "NOT AGAIN!!!" haha, yesrh.

Mine on the left and Pei Ying's on the right.
Who's nicer? Please say mine >.< haha.

The professional Jia Xing.
But her calligraphy seriously nice lah weihhh!

Guan Teng need some potrait.
Sue Zen, Guan Teng, Mua.
Susan & Sue Zen (mind f? XD)
Bright vs awkward smile, which one is nicer o.o???

My dear Pei Ying.

Senior 3 arranged as 'Horse' in Chinese word. credit: Ong Si Kai.
And.. the fair begins.....

The main stall: 

The Game Play Area:


Someone hit the jackpot.
This part is where I show you how to get a date! :B.
Must follow step by step....
Be aw…

Chinese New Year Update!

I apologize for my ugly calligraphy writing. I'm not a calligraphy person :/.
Hello dear readers! ❤
Finally can squeeze a little time to update my Chinese New Year post!! ^.^ I don't want to delay it for too long cause its over for tooooo long already haha. I know... I know what chuuu thinking! haha. I know you guys are excited for mua's next post. How I find a date on V-day, instantly. hehe. Wait you shall.... be patient... :-).

Friends around me keep saying the same old thing.
"No mood for this year's Chinese New Year"

Well actually I felt the same too... but thank lord that I can still hangout with my beloveds before school hits me again.

Feb 3rd & 4th.
Lady's hangout with Joey, Qian Yue ;-).

Karaoke for the whole morning, my throat burns that day. Gaaaah....
Guess which hand is mine??? :PPPPP

We decided to cook our own meal! ♥♥♥♥

Perfect set up :PPPP.

What can I say? I'm 18. I'm not a bad girl O:).

Our final result! Nice righttttt???? >…

My thoughts on Valentines Day.

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!
Everybody's talking about it! Well, single people out there like me, did your envy hearts go nuts? or maybe not. *dancing beyonce's single ladies* haha. Actually I don't really mind if people tell me that what their partners had done for them. I will be happy for them.

Valentines is a special day for every couple, no matter married or not. Its also important for ya'll buds! Guys, don't think that after marriage don't require any romance. Its nice for you to grab some flowers and a box of chocolates for your wife. She will be happy :-))). And for buddies! hahah You can slap them and say, Happy V day shyt and run away lololol. JUST KIDDING! but seriously.... lol.

If you ask how I spent my Valentines and who I spent with. I can say this year's Valentines Day is special and meaningful to me :-). It will always.. always treasure in my heart ^__^. Catch out  my other Valentines day post! :B. I got myself a date too! :X.

I am a simp…