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Speaking of Pop-Rock

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Love Drunk

Music On, World Off. Music occupies my brain a lot. I spend time repeating songs I love over and over again till I'm bored with it lolol. I'm a music lover :3.

Introducing BoysLikeGirls, one of my favourite pop-rock band since 2009. I really love their music, lead singer's voice, the lyrics of almost every song and the music video too! :-).

Above are some from my favourites. And I am currently listening to Leaving California, which is right belowww here!

They did good job in their music, I can feel it by my heart #HAVEMYFEELS! lol. They can be really romantic and soothing or really hardcore rocking. So, I hope you guys enjoy their music. Its really really really nice, for real! :-D.

I hope they would release another album if appropriate. #hopinggg.

Love you guys, ♥