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The magic in life.

Its funny to say that most of us did not know that magic does exist in our daily lives. What I mean 'magic' its not that kind of magic where people perform by pulling a bunny out from a magical hat or swallowing sharp swords or get cut into half in a box without dying, no. The magic that I meant above is... Time

By reading at that, you may think, are you crazy? Do you have a feeling when time pass so fast, you were sitting there, thinking, wow... time pass so fast, and next thing you do is either feel relieve or just sitting there sighing.

Time heals the pain, as they used to said. The miserable and struggle things that you've been through. The heartbreaks and the teary nights that you had spent. We all been through those days, darling, you are not alone, believe me. As time flows, you will slowly forget a certain person or thing or some feelings and start to move on or get over it. If you can't forget it, then don't. Let time heal you, slowly. It hurts, but follow…

Growing Up.

Growing up is never an easy task, we all know that. When we're young, we always wanted to grow up, to have own freedom. At that time, we only focus on the pros of growing up, having all the freedom we wanted, build a fantasy. But, as we start to grow up, the things we need becomes more and more simple.

Freedom is really important to us, but think about this, when we have all the freedom we need, at the same time, responsibilities won't stop growing as well. Is this a pro or a con to you? You have all the freedom, but you need to pay the price for freedom and that is become more independent, responsible, discipline and so on. Sadly, freedom ain't free at all! :(.

For physical changes, we all see that puberty changes a person, but just on the outside. Where people turned hot suddenly. Ain't he a geek in high school? Who's this hunk now? Did you face these kind of questions before? I know I did. I am still hoping for my puberty! :B Where is the moment when I turn hot…

Orientation Party 2015 ❤

I've been off from my blog for awhile due to the business and craziness popped up in my life. Anyway, Happy Valentines Loves! ♥. Single or not, love yourself, that's important. Like they say:" Learn to love yourself before you love others."

I'm not going to post about Valentines Day as you can see hahaha. I have none Valentine experience.

Theme: Jersey Date: 07 Feb 2015 (SAT)
I have no jersey at all! LOL, but still rocking the party! :-D.

So how this happen? (Photo below)
Family of Champion ___ Mr. Neoh.
'Cause we're the family champion, let us become professionals together and get employable! hahaha. Love you guys!

Thanks to my fellow team mates for making the decorations happen :-).
I think our decoration card looks beautiful :'-).

Our decoration board turns out to beee.... cute? o_O

Do appreciate my photoshoots xD. Also introducing the photo booth.

The awesome-ness just stroll in when these babes jumped in ;-).

They're so beautiful!