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I'd always wanted to publish a post that allows me to review my past. Recently, I found a Twitter user and he/she became one of my favourite Twitter users. As some of you know, I love to read tweets, as it contains important and inspirational messages within 140 words, how cool is that!? I will spend some time to read positive tweets or inspirational quotes tweeted by some of my friends. @BaeFeeling a.k.a Dear you, who is a Twitter user, inspires me to write this post today. Another inspirational source of mine is YouTube, which it had pushed me further to write this post by developing a new project as you can see on the YouTube icon few days ago #DearMe.

Everyone has a past, you, me, him, her, them, or even someone who you randomly spot on the streets. So.. it's normal. What special about everyone's past is that our pasts are different from each other, some of our pasts may conjunct sometimes, we may have same situations or ways to solve the problem, other than that, it is different. To be simple is that everyone has a story, and it is that story that makes you special :-).

What makes people hard to get along is that, sometimes we judge too quick and forget to view the story behind that certain person. So, listen before you comment on things, observe more, judge less. I love listening people talking about their past, no matter happy or sad, good or bad, I will listen. By listening their stories, I get to know them more, which is a good thing! Note that, this is not forcible, it is that person willing and tell you voluntarily.

Sometimes I like to share my stories to other people. The story, moral values of the story (seems like a grandma eh? :p) and what I had gain/loss when the problem occur, which its true!

So... lets start! :-).

#DearMe, some advice to the younger self.

  • Dear young Victoria, please know that you can't please everyone in life, people will judge you no matter what, so be true to yourself, embrace your flaws, find your pros and enjoy your life being you! :-D.
  • Dear young Victoria, please don't be stress on things easily, things will work out, just follow the flow and fulfill your responsibilities.
  • Dear young Victoria, know that you are not a nobody. You have much more people that cares about you, so forget those who don't.
  • Dear young Victoria, don't blame yourself for things that don't work out, people who left your life, mistakes that you made. Know that you're not perfect, and nobody is! Sometimes, things get out of control too, you know?
  • Dear young Victoria, know that people will hurt you, even its just a little, the choice is yours to choose whether that person is worth for your sacrifice. 
  • Dear young Victoria, one thing that I am proud of you is that you have the flame of passion burning inside of you, don't let that passion die out, even if it did, ignite it. 
  • Dear young Victoria, I'm glad that you understand money can be earned, but not dreams. Continue pursuing for what you dream of, take action, have faith and beliefs and make it come true!!! :-D.
  • Dear young Victoria, you must know that there isn't a proper answer for every problem faced in life, there's only divided opinions. There's no right path or wrong ones, so choose what you think it's right and go for it. 
  • Dear young Victoria, stop thinking negative thoughts, stop living in the darkness, stop letting other people's negative comments ruin your life, dump that into the dumpster and walk out from it. Think positive and act positive gal! Create your own light and let it shine! 
  • Dear young Victoria, please appreciate the ones who loves you dearly, the ones who you throw tantrum on, the ones who puts a smile on your face even when you feel like crying, the ones who makes you laugh until you cry, the ones who cares about you, the ones who you're happy with, the ones who gives you knowledge, the ones who makes you feel belong, the ones who remembers the little things of you, the ones who were there for you even they can choose to leave etc.
  • Dear young Victoria, do something that gives you life, make goals and go for it, travel and explore, observe and analyze, be with someone who you feel belong, don't force yourself hang with those who don't gives a sh*t about you.
  • Dear young Victoria, it's good to know that you treat everyone as a special individual, thank you for knowing that everyone is special, everyone deserves something special. Who taught you that :O?
  • Dear young Victoria, please don't judge too fast before knowing his/her story. Learn to listen and observe more ; talk and gossip less.
  • Dear young Victoria, do know that knowledge is important. Money can take you to certain places but knowledge takes you everywhere. "Your brain is your treasure chest, and your knowledge is your wealth" ____ Victoriayuen.
  • Dear young Victoria, please don't be afraid of your fears, put up your courage, face your fears. Do know that life doesn't start when you're still in the comfort zone, so what are you waiting for? Step out from it! 
  • Dear young Victoria, stop struggling in the past, sometimes when the time comes, just let go. Letting go doesn't mean you give up, it just means that you're capable of cutting off the source of pain.
  • Dear young Victoria, always remember the memories you had with certain people nor groups, because memories are precious and special, some too are meaningful. The first times, the funny, crazy, happy moments that you had.
  • Dear young Victoria, please learn to take care of yourself, do not let those who loves you worry about you. Maintain a healthy body, exercise more.
  • Dear young Victoria, don't cry because things ended, don't hate the person you used to love, smile, everything will be okay.
  • Dear young Victoria, learn to put your eyesight further, don't always look at the current situation. Work like a man, act like a lady, think like a boss.
  • Dear young Victoria, never forget your principles, no matter in what sectors, self ; relationship ; studies/career.
  • Dear young Victoria, I love your encouragement that you gave yourself from then till now, continue that kind of spirit but with add ons, and that is to motivate others as well ;-).

3 things: be true, be you ; love what you do and enjoy what you do ; be with someone who makes you belong.

Loves, Victoriayuen


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