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Having time with yourself ≠ Lonely. Sometimes you just need self-time to clear out the thoughts or negative energy within you. To be frank, I used to be scared to conduct an activity alone. For example, I'm afraid to eat alone because I'm scared to be stared by people, thinking that why this girl eat alone? Is she weird and other similar thoughts like so. Simply because I have low self esteem and yes, I am insecure. That explains why people these days hardly have eye contact with the other party. Insecurities kill.

However, after the matter which I had to search for my dress in almost every shopping mall in KL (Kuala Lumpur), I manage to do things alone and feel comfortable with it. The key is to feel comfortable while doing things alone, not just doing things alone. Maybe this matter is not as significant to you as to me, but I can say this is one of my minor turning points in life. I'm glad that I've took a chance and go with it. Now, I can do things alone without fe…

Short hair can be the new sexy too!

Hi. I was inspired by Daphne's post of her thoughts of her new hairstyle and I wanted to share my story as well, so, why not?

Hair is an important part of a woman's body, very important to make us feel confident and well, beautiful. Hence, nice hair = confidence + beauty. We have these stereotypes regarding to hairstyles. Long, thick with sexy curls on the end are the best types of hair they said, more preferable by men. Well, I wanted to give a shout out to the ladies with short hair, you're beautiful as well ;-).

This is my second time to cut my hair, but this time, I do it to change myself. We can't stay in the same style forever right? Changing styles = changing attitude towards life. I didn't think much when I chopped off my hair because I wanted to do so before I graduated from high school. The first time was to delete some memories in my life and give myself a new start. Now, I do it for the latter, never the former anymore. As described by Daphne, a restart…

I got featured!

Hi lovely ones! ♥

I received a good news two days ago which makes me jump and dance around with joy (still doing it at the moment hahahha). And I know I can't keep the joy all by myself. So, I would like to share my joy and happiness to all of you out there! :-D. Let me sprinkle you with my happiness~

YEEEEESSS! As the title stated, I got featured as a Guest Blogger in Luna's blog!

I never thought a plain article of mine could be featured in her blog. Sorry for the grammar mistakes and the error typing ('typo') :(.

It didn't took me long as I drafted this post of mine. It just flows out from my mind, so I am literally taking notes of what I think about this topic. When I received her email, I popped out with joy! weeee. My heart is filled with happiness. A merry day I could say. Thank you Luna for the opportunity :-).

May --- Too much to write about

I don't usually publish monthly post as you can see in my blog, except that I am busy throughout the month and was unable to do a proper post hahaha. Well, May 2015 is officially over. I think I had already said that numerous times when a particular month pasted.

To me, each day, each month or even each year is the time for one to refresh themselves and create a new page. Depends on you, whether you're a daily, monthly or yearly author, if you know what I mean :-). Well, I could call myself a monthly writer, instead of a daily. I will feel incredible each time a new month steps in, not that I hate the previous months, but I need a reason to feel alive and a feeling of beginning. So, hello June, a new arrival month :-D.

I write this because I need to mention the previous month, which happens to be a special month for me. A number of events, people, and feelings that I had encountered. This is a bold month for me.

1) Firstly, as you all know, the first thing that I had encountere…