May --- Too much to write about

I don't usually publish monthly post as you can see in my blog, except that I am busy throughout the month and was unable to do a proper post hahaha. Well, May 2015 is officially over. I think I had already said that numerous times when a particular month pasted.

To me, each day, each month or even each year is the time for one to refresh themselves and create a new page. Depends on you, whether you're a daily, monthly or yearly author, if you know what I mean :-). Well, I could call myself a monthly writer, instead of a daily. I will feel incredible each time a new month steps in, not that I hate the previous months, but I need a reason to feel alive and a feeling of beginning. So, hello June, a new arrival month :-D.

I write this because I need to mention the previous month, which happens to be a special month for me. A number of events, people, and feelings that I had encountered. This is a bold month for me.

1) Firstly, as you all know, the first thing that I had encountered this month is a short getaway to Sungai Lembing, Kuatan for three days and two nights (16/5~18/5). 

It was my first University-self-planned trip with my coursemates who are all adventurous and playful. Aha!

2) My Client Counselling Examination

Client counselling is the first process within the legal procedure where a legal servicer contact with his client for the first time to get the initial information from the client by asking him/her some questions relating to his/her case and gives legal advice to the client.

Long explanation hahaha xD. Anyway, I think my team nailed it ;-).

Maffinda, Ping & Me!

My partner!

3) I chopped off my long hair!

For those of you who don't know before, now you know, I chopped off my long hair. They said chopping off your long hair takes a lot of courage, well, I wanted to chop it off for a long time, so I did it! ;-). Surprisingly, I dyed my hair to wine red! Not sure if you see it but after dyeing, it changes into copper. Hahha. #Blackhairproblems but I still like it though :-). First time dyeing hair! :-D.


There were too much to be mentioned. However, I'm glad that I could gather my courage and express what I wanted to say to the people I really appreciate. I have no regrets, no matter in the past or now. Maybe I did it the wrong way as some people do not agree what I've done. However, I felt a little relieved. I was happy :3.

Till then,


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