Brunch// Joey.

Another meet up with this sassy lady again for brunch 'cause we're too late for breakfast and too early for lunch, somehow stuck in the middle. So here we are :-). Can't believe last time meeting her is almost 5 months ago. Time flies. Check out our last gathering.

Had fun chit-chatting with this girl after a long period. Updating information of our lives. This has become something significant to me. Sometimes you just gotta sit down with a friend, relax and just, well, talk. No matter telling him/her about what you've been gone through and maybe some future plans.

We talked alot, she does most of them hahaha. I really enjoy that I can talk to someone without being on guard. I really enjoy this kind of conversation. And... I really enjoy the dessert. Lemon cake + vanilla . How I wish time could stop when one is enjoying but too bad, it does the opposite.

Till then,


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