Best trait of mine.

I remember there was one time my psychology teacher in high school asked the whole class to fill in their merits and faults of themselves. The general answers were kind, friendly, smart and the whole list goes on. But what I do was, I left a blank space on the merit box and the list of faults were long. Cause I can't think of one merit, but only faults. After I got back my paper, my teacher put her words, red: everyone has merits, I'm sure you'll find yours.

Everyone has merits, its natural to say this. Some are intelligent, some are pretty, and some are talent, well, the generals. I am always the average kid which you can grab hand full of them. I am never the outstanding ones and I always wonder what's the good in me? Until today, I have figured it out after all these years and I was proud of its uniqueness and its conceal ability (or just me plain stupid? ahaha).

The willingness to stand out and work things out. It may seem like a normal trait, but it has truly gave impact on my life for the past 18 years of mine without me knowing and I wish I could upgrade the its level of power :-). Most of the people in society avoid solving their problems because they either afraid of being hurt or don't know how to solve it. Some even neglect the problems due of afraid picking up the responsibilities or maybe rejection will occur. That's why people keep trapping in the past, because things remain unsolved there.

However, to me, I won't render things flow like that. I will and would try my best to work things out even it takes a lot of courage and it will hurt at the end because you are fighting for the things you love and appreciate. There's no wrong with that. No matter in family, friendship or relationships. I will stand out and talk things out with the people I care about, solve the problems with them.

I believe time heals pain but I do believe that time doesn't change some things, the act of the individual itself does. The two contradicts, but what I can say is time heals pain that are left by problem solving or pain that was caused by unsolvable problems. Seems deep. I know. And I also believe that things don't just work out when no one initiates to do so. Therefore, I am glad that I possess this trait.

We can't evade problems that are coming but either learn how to solve it or accept it. But most of the time, people just accept the fact that the problem is unsolvable in a quick pace. I am always on both sides, if I can't solve it, I'll accept it. But first you have to give it a shot. Its easy, but at the same time, it gives you a hard time. I understand that sometimes I can't expect others to develop this trait, because traits are special to an individual, we can't change someone's traits. However, we can discover other's traits, just like in The Sims (If you play that game :P).

I am relieved and happy that I have discovered that I have such unique trait. I know that some of you may not have the same traits as mine, but I do hope that all of you discover your own special traits. And a little reminder, things don't work out if you leave it there. It takes a lot of courage to get things fix, but I'll do it anyways to make things better :-).

And I love how I can relate Audrey Hepburn's quote with this post:

"People, even more than things, 
have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed; never throw out anyone." ____ Audrey Hepburn

Till then,


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