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Gift of 2015

I have been away for a month, it seems like its been a decade since I place my fingers on keyboard, typing the things I wanted to write-- thoughts. Once again, we have approach towards the end of a year. 2015 has taught me a lot. This year, instead of summing up what I have did, I prefer writing what this year has given me.

Again with the ups and downs talk. Yes, undeniable, most of us have gone through happy and sad times throughout the entire year. I have undergone mostly downs which were started as ups. Its like having nothing from the start, and then you received a gift, finally having something in possession. And then, split second, the giver takes it away. I was happy, cheerful person from the start. Until I left where I thought I belong, straying, again. That's when I had realized people can be a little too forgetful and mindless sometimes. I too, am that someone.

Then I met people, and even discover a new world. I guess that's what they mean with the quote:"When y…