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Insomnia Buddies.

Everyone has that region of memories that they would not want to set foot on. Regardless the moment when you accidentally spitted on your crush's face during a major event, farted in class at the age of 8 acting its not you but the fart noise is too loud to be concealed or simply just regret that you did not treat somebody right after you lose him.

However, funny thing is... those memories or shall I say embarrassing and regretful moments will stand by you during your insomnia days. They will ring you up, rummage through your "hidden box of moments" during the sleepless nights, making you twist and turn, hide under your sheets and scream inside your head "Wtf am I doing?" "Sh*t, this will be recorded." "Ommgggg, why the hell I did this?"

Those. Are not good to be reminded. But they remain with us during the darkest hours, longest nights. On the bright side, they keep us company... Better than other things. *awkwardlaughs*...

Sometimes, I ado…

I am trying to be myself, again.

As much as I love to be the wackier version of myself, the society disallows me to do so.

First of all, my appearance does not fit into the "beautiful girls" category, with beautiful faces, toned body and thigh gap.
Second of all, a girl should be a lady. No vulgarities, no impolite gestures or postures.

These of what the society wants me to do. And I really can't disagree how I wish to become someone who has it all, the looks and the brains. However, I am still me, this... average... girl.

So, I took one step at a time to become what I wanted to be-- I wanted to be comfortable. Somehow, I realized that I am uncomfortable with my own body, so I train it. But the posture or gesture or the face thing, I don't really care. Lol.

As for my personality, I started to embrace my inner dork. I break the society rules. I create puns on my social media, I put wacky photos on Twitter/Snapchat. Boom.

I remembered when I have attended a forum in this April, talking to one of my so…

Welcome back!

My dear Jia Le.

Its been awhile since we get to sit down and eat brunch together.

Lookie lookie, she wore our best friend necklace *cries* but I did not wear mine *hidesface*. Will explain this necklace in my latter post :-).

We are still the same-- crazy and idiotic. Really love how we get along. Hours is not enough for chit chatting. I am truly happy for her as she leads a happy and blessed life.

I firmly believe that distance does not create a gap between friendship but to determine who is your true friend. And... here she is. I really can't wait to witness the moment where you are in your graduation robe, holding a certificate in your hands.

Loves, Victoriayuen