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The Milestone ✨

January 03 2017
21 is one the milestones to be achieved in your lifetime, a year where you finally become legal to almost everything. It is also a time where your 3 years adulthood trial comes to an end. So, it is time for you to face the world of reality being a young adult.

Being 21 is like a restart button for you in life, yet the starting point differs. You will start your life as a young adult, exposing yourself more on the society aspect. It is a process that most of us will go through.

A young adult, sounds good right? I am sure it does. The freedom and the right time to do the things you always wanted to do. Personally, I think it is a better time for me to reset my life again. Not that I have major regrets in my previous age. I have embraced my teenage years being an exceptional person and I do not regret what I have gone through throughout those years in high school. It is because things like those made me who I am today.

The main reason is because I never have a broad thoug…