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Coffee & Salad

A simple combination.

I had had two pieces of toast. However, I have decided to eat a small bowl of salad still, only two ingredients required, fresh tomato and cucumber topped with my favourite sesame dressing, and a cup of coffee. That was my lunch for Saturday.

This is a salad and coffee day I adore.
With hopes and loves, Victoria

So I have started to jog

And surprisingly I enjoyed it.
My "gear" 😁
I started jogging precisely 2 months ago. It started from 20 minutes and later on elevated to an hour session. Unfortunately, I have failed to comply with my jogging schedule several times. Lol. Despite of my laziness, I choose to stay consistent on this activity.

I used to hate cardio activities which involved with leg movement and going outside because I am insecure with my body. I don't like people staring at my heavy-looking body with belly fats. So I jog before sunrise, after that I get ready and go to work. I feel at peace following my tempo along with my workout playlist. I put my focus on the clouds, the road, trees, and not to forget waving at my neighbourhood buddies--- Doggos🐶. Until the moment I have decided to jog later in the mornings or evening before sunsets to get used to the 'stares'.

I come to realize that jogging for me is a perfect activity to calm my worries. It is one of the best method for me to…


Finally I write things, in my blog. 

Deep down a shameful yay appears and disappears before you even spot it. This post is written before all the other draft entries are published. However, I can't wait to share everything out. *searching for photos* . To be frank, I am currently searching for suitable photos to upload for every posts. It's like a cherry on top of a sundae, it's a must for me. ðŸ¨ðŸ˜‰

Nothing appears on my blog for months but when inspiration shrikes, I am either infront of my laptop or notebook on my mobile phone in midnight, 4am or 5am, writing the whole post down, adding a title and maybe a suitable photo from my phone's gallery. I really loveeeeee the app originally downloaded on my phone. Will definitely share it soon. The minimalistic features and simple functions really hits me. Ahahha. This is not an ad. I just encourage writing.

Few months ago, I thought I have lost my passion for this blog. Until I found out there are still special moments and m…

Push further 👣

Sometimes we did what we knew that we are suppose to do it's not because that we believe that we can make it, but we know that it's time to grow up.

We understand that there will be uncertainties. Hell yes we are afraid of them. The unknown is the most terrifying part of it. It feels like jumping into an unfamiliar decision. Not the usual person as we are. And even though there will be countless matters waiting for us to discover, venture and for worst come to worst, to deal with it. This path, to us, is evitable yet we choose not to do so.

It's scary, terrifying. We even have countless sleepless nights thinking about the same matter and the decisions that we have made all over again when people around us are sound sleep. However, despite of all thoughts, we have decided to push further, to expand our comfort zones and not backing up even though it scares the hell out of us.

We believed that not only we are suppose to do it, but to also enjoy the progress. When the day ha…