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Leaving alone.

I wrote this before flight, therefore I would like to include this entry in my blog.
20th September 2017, Wednesday. 

Leaving is not the hardest part, but biding goodbye to the ones you love is. The countdown for the departure date does not make me worry, but the thought of leaving to an absolutely unfamiliar place is.

I thought I will weep when it's time for me to leave. However, everything went too quick, from checking in to boarding, that I don't have time to react. The only thought I have is to be strong, stronger than the old me.

I did everything alone from the start till the end. And I thank the people who have given me support along the way. I will choose to do this all over again if time reverse. It was an irreplaceable experience for myself.

I was afraid from the start because there are a lot of unknowns. I have never thought that I have the courage to settle everything and to fly alone in the end. And now here I am, dragging 2 luggages and carrying a backpack, hopping…

Growing up, growing apart

But we never let distance define our relationship.

I enjoy every event planned with my friends. Whether it is just a simple dinner or a short getaway to other states. I get the excitement to mark down the event on my planner and get everything ready before the actual day. Like what am I going to wear and where we are going to eat etc. I had written a lot of friendship posts in the past few years and for some of you may know most of the time I am very distant with most of my best friends. Some of them may have been very busy with their studies, some are from other states or they have chosen to further their studies in other countries. However, once they are back, it was either me or them to plan the meeting. We don't usually meet, but our relationship froze at the same point. We are still the same person as we met each other.

I notice a lot of people during my high school days made unfulfilled promises like gathering will be held after graduation in each month. Unfortunately, month…

One way ticket.

'I've got my ticket for the long way 'round,
      Two bags of luggage for the way,
      And I sure would like some sweet company,
      But I'm leaving tomorrow. What do you say?'
Modified from Lulu and The Lampshades// Ana Kendrick 'Cup song'
Hello September! This is the first song I thought of when I am purchasing my one way ticket. Yes! I will be flying off to another beautiful land soon. Very soon. But fear not I will be updating you guys once I am there 😊. For now, let's keep it as a secret 😉.

I will be starting a new life there for a year or so and if I am lucky enough, I will be flying off to another country from there another 2-3 years. Everything is not orderly planned, but as always, I will keep writing right here.

A 'new life', this phrase scares me because there is nothing to expect but just to be excited and nervous about. Frankly speaking, I had to go through a few complex process in order to get there. The experience of…