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Be Alright.

I wanted you to be alright, To be safe and sound, To put your heart at ease when you are by my side.
I wanted to be the one who gives you inner peace, To calm noises in your head, To provide you reassurance at that very moment.
Even if you are not by side, Far away from where I am, I will still send my prayers to you.
Just be alright, for me.

With hopes and loves, Victoria

If you want to go,

go with all your heart.
One of my close friends used to told me: Don't make decisions out of your heart.
I understand that he cares for me (maybe) and it would be an impulsive way of dealing with life options.
By disregarding his advice (Sorry WH! lol), I am, and still, making decisions out of my heart. Following my heart is my way of making decisions. Whether is opting for a place to study or a place to wander. I did not regret for any decisions made. 
And to be honest, I am also scared. Scared of the uncertainties and that such impulsive action will cause irrevocable circumstances. But I thought to myself, regardless, the ending results will be either good or bad and nothing else. Acceptance is all I can do at that point. So I dive in.
Things may not always be rainbows and sprinkles. There were times when I have to bear the pain alone and to walk out from it. Skies were grey and I don't even believe in the rising of the sun lol. I am serious. However, when I am at that point…