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How We Met: Airport Friendship

It's funny how you cross paths with people.
I wouldn't imagine myself meeting someone from the airport, becoming friends and hangout with them later in the future. This cute lady came and talk to me when both of us were waiting for transition at Dubai airport. The first thing I notice about her is her bubbly personality and she does not look like her age. Well, I look like her age and she looks like mine 😂. Fortunately, she was smart and had suggested we should exchange numbers so that we could keep-in-touch after settling down.
She initiated a lot and I felt ashamed for replying her messages slow (I was busy settling down at that point). I was still contemplating where we should go since we didn't see each other after we parted ways at Gatwick airport. I saw her message inviting me to Eastbourne, a small town with rich nature scenery (Seven Sisters cliff is there) and I went.
It was a lovely day where I meet new people. But I shall continue this story in the next post.


How I incorporated Art into Photography.

And what is created shall never be forgotten.

I was so inspired to write this entry after having a chat with my housemate, who is currently studying Masters in media related course. She is highly influenced by Art, and has that halo of creativity. Her interests in any media that emits creativity is intense and anything that is beautiful will surely caught her eye. 
A massive thank you to Cecilia for inspiring me to write this post and to further explore my creative side.
I always have a thing for the aesthetics, colour combination, symmetry, angles and geometrical shaped items. Most of the time I have even portrayed them in my photos without noticing it. It was until I took this photo and showed it to her while she was sitting beside me eating lunch. 
We had a fair share conversation about photography and arts. She told me that I have developed my early age drawing skills into these type of photography instead. For years after dropping my drawing and painting skills, I didn't even …

Your puzzle.

It's all about putting yourself together.
The ultimate question which I am afraid of being asked: what are your future plans? To put this in a simpler way: what are you planning to do after graduation? These questions will put me in a situation where I will stand there, blunted, staring into an invisible dimension, waiting for it to consume me. Okay, a little too dramatic. But for those out there who understand me, a few words can put tons of pressure on you in split second.
My degree is ending soon (Already ended when I publish this post). This makes me worry about how to deal with myself in the near future. I could not even decide what to eat for the next meal! And here I am, being asked to answer such grown up question though I am a young adult already! Hahhahaa. shit.
Every time I will give an honest answer, hoping that person will understand me. Sometimes not and it's okay. What I say tend to shock some of them: "Shame to say this, but I still don't know yet."…

Life goes on

whether you wanted it or not.
"Life will always carry on- no matter what. It's up to you if you go with it or not." My Husband: The Stranger, Rebecca Done.

It's funny that I was graduated from Hull only 3 months ago and have moved to another city for my Masters. The fast-paced journey got me hectic especially when I was dealing with the application to this university. Fortunately, everything went by smoothly unlike last time. Regardless, those are the past.
I never mentioned in here why I have chosen Hull as my first and only option as a transfer student. A few asked why I have chosen Sussex as my current university but no one did in the past. 
Fun fact: Sussex is also my one and only option to study Masters. 
Speaking about risk taking... I am not a risk taker, yet I did that with my university applications 😝🙈.
It actually took me awhile to decide whether I wanted to come here again, but I did anyways... With a few hesitations and running on the wall type of situati…